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Nummus Casino is a leading casino and sports betting casino brand, with over 10,000 games and 30 different sports featured. On both the Web and Telegram, Nummus Casino is where excellence meets gaming!

Casino Games

Over 10,000 Casino Games for you to play. From slots, table games, live casino games and lots more

Sports Betting

Over 30 different sports to bet, featuring unbeatable odds and live action

Crypto Games

Top Crypto favourites like Spaceman and Aviator

Presale Benefits

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The High Roller NFT Collection

Buy a designated amount of $NUMMUS in presale, stake it for 12 months, and be rewarded with one of 2,500 NFTs that will give you a lifetime share of 25% of the Casino’s net profit.


  • Granted for every $5000 purchase
  • 25% of the casino’s net profits
  • Only 1000 available
  • Seasonal rewards


  • Granted for every $10000 purchase
  • 25% of the casino’s net profits
  • Only 1000 available
  • Seasonal rewards


  • Granted for every $1000 purchase
  • 25% of the casino’s net profits
  • Only 500 available

Every $Nummus
token holder
is a VIP!

$Nummus Token Holders’ VIP bonuses include;

  • Royal Welcome Bonus
  • Personal VIP Manager
  • Enhanced Odds
  • 25% Weekly Cashback Delight
  • 100% Monthly Reload Boost
  • High Daily Withdrawal Limit of $100,000 to $250,000
  • Access to our partner casinos Cyberbingo.com and Vegascrestcasino.ag
  • Priority Cash-Outs

Eco model

By buying $NUMMUS, you are participating in our full-circle ECO model.

All proceeds of $NUMMUS will be re-invested in the casino through marketing, HR and technical upgrades, making the casino more profitable and successful. In return, 25% of the casino’s net profits will also be re-invested back into $NUMMUS, solidifying it’s value for the long term.


The $NUMMUS token serves as a utility token for the whole NUMMUS ecosystem, enabling users to redeem exclusive rewards and access premium content.

There are 400 million $NUMMUS tokens in total and their allocation through the NUMMUS ecosystem has been carefully assigned to ensure success. With only 50 million tokens available before launch, our pre-sale is a perfect time to get onboard and take advantage of all the lucrative bonuses and rewards on offer.


1.1 Nummus Casino

This white paper introduces NUMMUS Casino, a cutting-edge online gaming platform that harnesses cryptocurrency and Telegram to enhance user experience and security. By exclusively utilizing the $NUMMUS token, which is backed by 50% of the casino’s net earnings, NUMMUS Casino offers faster transactions, reduced fees, and a range of other user benefits. These features make NUMMUS Casino an appealing option for those seeking a secure, transparent, and community-driven gaming experience.

The white paper outlines how NUMMUS Casino improves security, speeds up transactions, and aligns player interests with the platform’s performance, all within a compliant regulatory framework. It highlights the platform’s benefits, including enhanced transaction efficiency, increased transparency, and broader accessibility. Additionally, it examines market trends, regulatory challenges, and strategic approaches to leveraging Telegram’s extensive user base for growth in the competitive online gambling industry.

The $NUMMUS token launch is slated for September 2024.

2.1 Evolution and Challenges of Online Gambling

Over the last decade, online gambling has transformed from a small niche to a booming multi-billion-dollar industry, thanks to technological advancements. These improvements have made online casinos more accessible and appealing, offering a wide variety of games and greater convenience compared to traditional casinos. Despite this growth, the industry continues to face significant challenges such as slow payment processes, high fees, and issues with game fairness, leading to a decline in user trust.

In response to these challenges, the online gambling industry is turning to blockchain and artificial intelligence to rebuild trust among users. Regulatory changes are also in place to ensure safer and fairer gaming environments, aligning with technological advancements to protect users while maintaining responsible gaming practices.

2.2 Cryptocurrency: Revolutionizing Online Gambling
2.2.1 Advantages of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are changing the game in online gambling by providing a system that is open, transparent, and accessible to everyone around the globe. Here’s how they’re making a significant impact:

Transparency and Trust:Every transaction made with cryptocurrency is recorded permanently on a blockchain. This means that once a bet is made, it cannot be changed or erased. Such a level of transparency helps resolve common concerns about game fairness and builds trust among players.

Efficiency and Affordability:Unlike traditional banking methods, which can take days to process transactions, cryptocurrency transactions are completed within seconds. This speed, combined with typically lower transaction fees, makes playing online more efficient and cost-effective. Therefore, players can enjoy their games without worrying about high costs or slow processing times.

Accessibility:Cryptocurrencies don’t require a traditional bank account, so anyone with internet access can use them. This opens up online gambling to millions of people who might not have access to standard banking services, especially in regions where they are limited. With cryptocurrencies, more people can join and play, bringing a whole new audience to online casinos.

2.2.2 Obstacles and Prospects

While cryptocurrencies bring many advantages to online gambling, there are also significant challenges to overcome:

Fluctuating Value:The value of cryptocurrencies can change dramatically in a short period. This volatility can be worrying for players who see the value of their deposits and winnings rise and fall unpredictably.

Regulatory Uncertainties:Many countries are still deciding how to handle cryptocurrencies in online gambling, which can lead to legal confusion. This uncertainty makes it difficult for platforms to operate smoothly in different jurisdictions.

Lack of Universal Acceptance:Not all gambling platforms accept cryptocurrencies, and some users may prefer traditional payment methods. This can limit the market reach of platforms that exclusively use digital currencies.


The rise of decentralized platforms, which operate without a central authority, could reduce costs and increase fairness, making gambling more appealing and accessible. Furthermore, as cryptocurrencies become more common, they encourage the adoption of new technologies like smart contracts, which automate transactions and ensure the rules of games are followed automatically.

3.1 The Rapid Expansion of the Worldwide Online Betting Market

The online betting industry has evolved from a small niche into one of the major parts of the global entertainment market. Showing rapid expansion, recent figures highlight a significant annual growth rate. Consequently, it is predicted that the market will soon be valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars. This anticipated growth demonstrates the rising popularity and influence of online betting across the globe.

3.1.1 What is the Current State of the Online Gambling Industry?

The current state of the online gambling industry is characterized by rapid growth and significant innovation. Valued at $87.41 billion in 2022, the industry is expected to expand to over $127 billion by 2027, demonstrating a strong annual growth rate of approximately 12%. Traditional online casinos, which offer a range of games and betting options, dominate this market but face challenges with transparency, security, and payment processing. In response to these challenges, there has been a rising interest in alternative platforms such as online crypto casinos.

3.1.2 Why Are Online Crypto Casinos Gaining Popularity?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular in online gambling primarily because they offer anonymity, quicker transactions, and lower fees compared to traditional methods. In addition, blockchain technology enhances these benefits by providing a transparent and permanent record of all transactions, improving security and trust. This solves common issues in traditional online gambling, such as delayed payments and doubts about game fairness. Therefore, crypto casinos eliminate intermediaries and use technology that ensures games are fair and outcomes are verifiable. This transparency allows players to independently verify game fairness, building trust in these platforms.

3.1.3 How Does Integrating Crypto Casinos with Telegram Transform Online Gambling?

Telegram, the world’s fourth most popular messaging app, had 1.562 billion users in 2023 and is expected to grow to 2.284 billion by 2025. It has 800 million active users monthly, many of whom are under 45 years old. This age group is also keen on using cryptocurrencies, making Telegram a great platform for digital projects. Notably, half of Telegram’s users are from Asia, with many from India and Indonesia. Integrating online casinos with Telegram is a new way to approach online gambling since it provides secure and quick transactions. Moreover, since many Telegram users are already familiar with using digital tools and currencies, they can easily start using these new casino services. As a result, these casinos can expand their user base more easily and quickly.

3.1.4 How Does Nummus Casino Stand Out Among Competitors?

The market for crypto Telegram casinos is becoming very competitive, with many players entering the field. These include established online gambling platforms that are adding cryptocurrency options and blockchain technology to their services, as well as new operations starting up specifically on Telegram. However, our review of these crypto casinos on Telegram shows that they tend to offer similar types of games and operate in much the same way. Typically, these casinos use their own tokens, which mainly benefit the casino itself. Our approach with Nummus Casino is different; we focus on using Nummus Token to provide advantages to our users instead.

3.1.5 Regulatory Considerations

Regulatory considerations are crucial for the operation of online crypto Telegram casinos. Since laws governing online gambling and cryptocurrency transactions vary significantly across regions, with some areas imposing strict regulations or even outright bans, online crypto casinos should carefully follow these regulations. This approach helps them minimize legal risks and maintain player trust.

With over twenty years of experience in the industry and a comprehensive understanding of the market, our primary goal is to create one of the top crypto casinos and transform the online gambling landscape with our innovative approach and commitment to excellence. Our proven track record speaks for itself. Having spent years in the iGaming sector, we have refined our skills and created many successful solutions that we intend to apply in this new venture.

4.1 Expanding Our Reach Through Telegram

Utilizing Telegram’s large user base, our goal is to engage customers by connecting with this community. We plan to achieve this by providing a smooth and secure gaming experience directly within the messaging app, enabling us to access a wide range of potential players and introduce them to crypto gambling.

4.2 Affiliate Marketing

We implement a successful affiliate marketing system to grow even more. Collaboration with affiliates allows us to promote Nummus Casino within their networks, bringing more people to our platform, which boosts our player numbers and revenue.

4.3 Innovative Gameplay

Nummus Casino is dedicated to introducing innovative gaming experiences, offering exclusive promotions, and advanced gameplay features to enhance player enjoyment. From immersive virtual reality casino experiences to cutting-edge gaming, we’re committed to standing out from the competition and giving our players the best entertainment possible.

4.4 Exceptional Customer Support

At Nummus Casino, customer satisfaction comes first. We understand the need to promptly address any issues our players face. That’s why our support team is always on standby, 24/7, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

4.5 Going Above and Beyond

At Nummus Casino, we’re not just about games and promotions. We’re dedicated to giving back to our players and the community. Through bonuses, rewards, and special events, we aim to enhance our players' experience and build a community of satisfied players.

When sending ETH or USDT to your $Nummus wallet, you must use the Ethereum Network only. Sending crypto using any other network may result in the loss of your funds. $Nummus wallet cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred if an alternative network is used.

NUMMUS Casino chose Telegram for its crypto casino because it offers advantages that other platforms can’t match. Here’s why Telegram stands out as the optimal choice:

Large User Base: With its widespread recognition as a secure messaging platform, Telegram has millions of active users globally. This broad audience will give NUMMUS Casino access to diverse players, helping us expand into new markets and attract users worldwide.

Exceptional Customer Support: With Telegram’s instant messaging, players can connect directly with casino moderators for quick assistance, questions, and issue resolution. Plus, casinos can send notifications and updates directly to users, boosting engagement and retention.

Security and Privacy: Telegram takes security seriously, using strong encryption to keep messages safe. This means that when players talk to the casino, their conversations and personal info stay private. It protects financial transactions and personal details as well as any sensitive information.

Bot Integration: In Telegram, chat bots can be used in the casino to automate tasks and make things interactive for users. These bots can manage accounts, send game updates, give out rewards, and provide customer support. This makes operations smoother and improves user experience.

Payment Integration: Telegram supports payment integration, enabling seamless transactions within the platform. NUMMUS Casino will leverage this feature to facilitate deposits, withdrawals, and in-game purchases using $NUMMUS Token or other digital assets. By offering convenient payment options directly within the Telegram interface, NUMMUS Casino simplifies the user experience and reduces friction in the payment process.

Community Building: Telegram provides tools like channels and groups for people with similar interests to connect. NUMMUS Casino will use these to engage with players, share updates, plan events, and make users feel like part of the community.

Global Accessibility: Telegram works on smartphones, tablets, computers, and web browsers. This means users can access NUMMUS Casino from anywhere, anytime without being tied to a specific device or location.

NUMMUS Casino combines the features of Telegram with the reliability and transparency of Ethereum blockchain technology. This combination creates a gaming environment that’s secure and easy to use, resulting in an overall better experience for players.

6.1 Telegram Integration

NUMMUS Casino relies on advanced Telegram bots, powered by Telegram’s Bot API. These smart bots handle multiple tasks, such as managing gameplay, player accounts, bets, transactions, and rewards distribution. They act as the main interface for users, providing instant feedback and support.

6.2 Cloud-based Infrastructure

The back-end services supporting the bots are hosted on cloud infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted service and accommodate increasing demand. This setup enables efficient load balancing and auto-scaling, ensuring consistent performance even during peak usage periods. It ensures the community receives the best possible service.

6.3 Smart Contracts

NUMMUS Casino uses smart contracts from Ethereum to handle important tasks like staking and managing its own token, $NUMMUS Token. These contracts make things automatic and secure.

6.4 Security Measures

NUMMUS Casino prioritizes user privacy and security by building upon Telegram’s encryption protocols. This ensures that all communications, transactions, and gaming activities are safeguarded. To maintain integrity and identify vulnerabilities, the platform undergoes periodic security audits. These audits help ensure adherence to industry best practices, enhancing trust within the community and maintaining the platform’s credibility.

The $NUMMUS Token is designed to incentivize more people to join and actively participate in NUMMUS Casino. It aims to benefit everyone involved, including players, investors, and community members. To ensure everyone’s confidence in its value, NUMMUS Casino guarantees that the $NUMMUS Token will always be worth at least $0.10 within the casino. This setup helps the platform grow sustainably while providing a reliable benefit to its users.

7.1 Token Specifications
Attribute Details
Token Name Nummus Token-$NUMMUS
Blockchain Ethereum ERC-20
Total Supply 400 million SNUMMUS
Decimals 18
Presale Price Starting at $0.10 per token, increasing weekly
Presale Soft Cap Stage 1 Planned: 2 Million USD
7.2 Distribution Breakdown
Presale Allocation
Presale 12.5% (50 million $NUMMUS Tokens) - Marketing - Staking aimed at early investors and community
Liquidity Pool 12.5% (50 million $NUMMUS Tokens)
Marketing - Staking Initiative 37.5% (150 million $NUMMUS Tokens) - Aimed at community members
Airdrops 5% Airdrops (20 million $NUMMUS Tokens)
Affiliates 2.5% (10 million $NUMMUS Tokens)
Bonuses 17.5% (70 million $NUMMUS Tokens)
Consultants 2.5% (10 million $NUMMUS Tokens)
Reserve 10% (40 million $NUMMUS Tokens)
7.3 Utility of the $NUMMUS Token
Function Description
Gaming Credits Players can use $NUMMUS Token to participate in games on Nummus Casino and our partner casinos
Exclusive Access Some games and promotions are only accessible with $NUMMUS token
Staking 400 million SNUMMUS
Rewards 18
Ex-changeability Player can exchange $NUMMUS Token for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money depending on market conditions.
7.4 Price Stability and Growth Mechanisms
Backed Up with Casino Profits

Nummus Casino reinvests 50% of its net profits into the $NUMMUS Token and the community, ensuring the stability of the token.

Token Burn

To increase the value of $NUMMUS Token, the supply can be periodically reduced through token burns, which enhance its scarcity.

Limited Supply

The supply of $NUMMUS Tokens is capped, preventing inflation and preserving the token’s value over time.

7.5 Security and Compliance
Regular Audits

To ensure everything is secure and transparent, $NUMMUS Token’s transactions and smart contracts are audited regularly.

Regulatory Compliance

$NUMMUS Token adheres to cryptocurrency regulations across various jurisdictions, ensuring its legitimacy and acceptance.

Launch Security

When the network begins, 100 million $NUMMUS Tokens will be set aside and locked up for a year to ensure the launch is fair and balanced

7.6 The $NUMMUS NFTs

The $NUMMUS NFTs provide exclusive benefits and rewards to their holders.

NUMMUS Casino Profit Sharing

25% of the net profit of NUMMUS Casino will be paid to NFT holders in stable tokens. Example calculation:

  • The casino makes a net profit of $2,000,000 USD.
  • This means that $500,000 USD will be paid to the NFT holders.
  • That is an ROI of 3.22%.
  • So, if you are a holder of a $10,000 USD NFT, you will be paid $322 USD in stable tokens.

All NFT holders will be granted access to unique rewards and privileges in NUMMUS Casino. Only 2,500 NFTs have been minted, and no more will ever exist. Acquiring NFTs holds a staking obligation of one year.

8.1 Overview

NUMMUS Casino has launched an advanced rewards program designed to benefit holders of the $NUMMUS Token, particularly those who engage in staking. Staking involves token holders locking up their tokens to support the network, which helps stabilize the token’s value. This practice reduces the number of tokens available for trading, thereby maintaining price stability and building loyalty among participants by rewarding them with passive income.

8.2 Staking $NUMMUS Token
8.2.1 What is Staking?

Staking in the NUMMUS Casino platform requires locking a specific number of $NUMMUS Tokens for a set period. In return, stakers receive additional tokens as rewards. Moreover, for those who commit their tokens to a six-month lock-in period, there are extra rewards in Ethereum, thus allowing holders to effectively earn interest on their staked assets.

8.2.3 How Rewards Are Distributed

Rewards for staking $NUMMUS Token depend on the amount and length of the stake. Stakers can claim their rewards through the website at any time, using them in the casino, re-staking, or keeping them in their wallets. At the end of the staking period, stakers can retrieve their originally staked tokens and any unclaimed rewards directly through their wallets. This system allows for flexible and straightforward management of investments and earnings.

8.2.4 Staking Locking Period

Tokens placed in the staking pool are locked for a set period, as specified by each pool’s rules: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. The rules for adding extra tokens vary by pool:

Pool Duration Effect of Adding Extra Tokens
1 Month Restarts the 1 month locking period
3 Month No change to the locking period
6 Month No change to the locking period
12 Month No change to the locking period
8.2.5 Staking Yields

The staking yields for $Nummus token in its first year are:

Duration Per Month
1 Month 1.2%
3 Month 1.5%
6 Month 1.7%
12 Month 2%
8.2.6 Security and Trust
  • Smart Contract Governance: Staking is managed by smart contracts that are open and clear, ensuring all actions are accountable and secure from any wrongdoing.
  • Regular Audits: The staking contracts are checked regularly to ensure they are secure and operating correctly.
  • Withdrawal Assurance: Although tokens are locked during the staking period, stakers are guaranteed to receive their original staked amount and any earned rewards once the period ends.
8.2.7 Engagement
Aside from financial rewards, staking $NUMMUS Token provides members with:
  • Exclusive Access: Stakers get early access to new games, features, and promotions.
  • Community Recognition: Recognizing top stakers encourages community pride and friendly competition, increasing involvement.
Stage 1:
  • Casino License obtained → done
  • Casino website developed → done
  • Casino Telegram bot integrated → done
  • Smart contracts written → done
  • Smart contracts audited → done
  • NFTs creation → done
  • Mass marketing → done
  • Presale launch → done
  • CRM – recruitment → done
  • Casino Launch → done
  • Press release / affiliate marketing → done

Stage 2:
  • Presale goal achieved
  • Press release
  • Token launch on DEX
  • NFTs released
  • More marketing
  • 20M wagering target

Stage 3:
  • More marketing
  • Poker room launch
  • Strategic buyback and burning
  • VIP programs
  • $100M total wagering target
  • $500M total wagering target
  • $1B total wagering target



Stage 1

  • Casino License obtained
  • Casino website developed
  • Casino Telegram bot integrated
  • Smart contracts written
  • Smart contracts audited
  • NFT’s creation
  • Mass marketing
  • Pre-sales launch
  • CRM – recruitment
  • Casino Launch
  • Press-release / affiliate marketing

Stage 2

  • Pre-sales goal achieved
  • Press-release
  • Token launch on DEX
  • NFT’s released
  • More marketing
  • 20M wagering target

Stage 3

  • More marketing
  • Poker room launch
  • Strategic buy back and burning
  • VIP programs
  • $100M total wagering target
  • $500M total wagering target
  • $1B total wagering target



When you stake your $NUMMUS, you instantly start to earn daily rewards. Watch yourholdings grow!


You will instantly unlock rewards from staking that you can use in Nummus Casino!


You can stake your $NUMMUS tokens from 1 month to 12 months, with a yield of 24% for the longest duration.

to buy!


Create a new wallet by registering your details


You can purchase with either ETH, USDT or BTC


You will immediately receive your $Nummus tokens

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Nummus Casino?

Nummus Casino is a new crypto casino and sports betting brand, designed to be played on Telegram and the Web.

While Nummus Casino allows you to play with various cryptocurrencies, the $NUMMUS Token grants you access to the VIP Program, which includes perks, bonuses, and premium content.

You can also use your $NUMMUS tokens in other partner casinos.

A presale is a unique opportunity in cryptocurrency where anyone can purchase a new token before its official release to the market and exchanges.

The $NUMMUS Token presale will remain open until the hard cap is reached. The soft cap for $NUMMUS is $2 Million.

No, you will receive your $NUMMUS Tokens immediately in your wallet.
By buying the $NUMMUS Token in the presale. More information will be available shortly after presale.
Yes, you will be stake your $NUMMUS for greater rewards. You can stake between 1-12 months and get a yield of up to 24% for the longest duration. Please see the Whitepaper for more information.
Nummus Casino is run by experts with over 20 years of experience in the industry. It is a fully licensed casino established under the laws of Curacao.